Use of AI at Pixel Alliance

In our use of AI, we have made a decision to let our users know if the content they are about to view was created by an AI, if it is AI-enhanced human content, or if it is strictly human-made.

We have therefore developed three badges that must appear on all the content offered on our site.

Human made

The content has been strictly designed, studied and written by a physical person. This person spent many hours researching, studying relevant documents and writing clear and precise text. She also consulted experts in the field to ensure the accuracy and relevance of her information. In the end, the result is high-quality content that meets the needs and expectations of its readers.

Powered by AI

The idea, angle, and writing are developed by a person, but the AI helps with proofreading, writing style, and improving tautologies. The AI also serves as a database of documents to flesh out the content of the article. A review is done and a systematic verification of sources is put in place to avoid spreading false information.

Made by AI

The content is entirely generated from a key piece of information or a question asked by a human being. The content is purely an interpretation by the AI, followed by an assiduous and mandatory proofreading by a human being.

Indeed, transparency is a key element for the responsible use of AI. We should not be satisfied with easy content, but instead enrich our knowledge and understanding with clear rules and guidelines.

This content is powered by AI